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About Nancy


From a very early age I was constantly drawing, creating and using my hands to sew, bead or make things. My parents encouraged my art. I was in the BFA program at Wesleyan College in Macon GA in 1964-66 then transferred to the University of Iowa where I got a BA in 1968. After a few years teaching art to junior high I enrolled in a summer pottery class.


Charles Counts taught the 8 week pottery class with focus on wheel work in his studio. After the class I apprenticed with Counts for 2 years. In 1972 I set out on my own by working in a shop with another young potter in Limerick, Maine for a few years. I moved to North Carolina in 1974 and began my long career as a porcelain potter making porcelain dinnerware with brushed over glazed decorations of simplified landscapes.


There is something about a black and white woodcut print that can evoke a strong emotional response. That drew me to relief prints when I was a pottery apprentice with Charles Counts. I lived down the road from woodcut printmaker, Fannie Mennen, and began buying relief prints. In 1997 I made my first woodcuts. I used various wood planks and taught myself. In 1998 I took a relief printmaking class at Penland School of Crafts. The relief prints influenced my work in clay. I began making porcelain lamp shades carving linier designs into them. The light would be brighter through the carved lines giving a contrast between the carved and uncarved surfaces. I also started carving through a dark slip into the porcelain on my pottery. I took another Relief Printmaking class at Penland in 2007. The next winter I switched my focus from pottery to printmaking and was accepted in the SHCG in paper. I’ve also had training in letterpress printing at Asheville BookWorks, and wood engraving from Jim Horton at John C. Campbell Folk School.