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Nancy Darrell.

Nancy in her studio


Being fairly new to relief prints I’m still experimenting with styles and approaches. I’ve been influenced by the prints of Fannie Mennen, Mary Azarian, Antonio Frasconi, Gustave Baumann, Picasso, and Japanese printmakers.


Wood is my material of choice as it is warm, natural and so pleasant to carve with good sharp tools.


I print on acid free paper using a wooden spoon or baren to transfer the print. Multiple colors are achieved 3 different ways. 1. A separate block is carved for each color. 2. All colors are carved from one block. This is called a reduction print or suicide block. 3. A black and white print is colored with watercolors. I use all three techniques.


Some of my prints have been selected to be made into cards which are printed by a commercial printer.

Nancy Darrell Carving.

A mirror image of the final print is drawn on the wood. The areas not to be printed are carved out.

Nancy Darrell laying out work.

When using multiple blocks for color each separate color is carved and printed from its own block.

Nancy Darrell framing out work.

A brayer is rolled over the ink then rolled onto the woodcut. Paper is laid on top of the woodcut. When using multiple color blocks registration of the paper is essential for a good print.

Nancy Darrell rolling out prints.

Pressure from a wooden spoon, baren or roller transfers the ink to the paper.