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Hen And Chicks Foraging by Nancy Darrell


Hen & Chicks Foraging

Trilliums by Nancy Darrell.



I live in an isolated cove in the mountains of western North Carolina. My property is on the eastern side looking west to the Bald Mountains and the Appalachian Trail (AT) along the Tennessee border.

At the base of a steep mountain that cups around the north side of the cove lies a high field looking south down Sugarloaf Mountain. There is a pond, springs and three streams of water flowing down the cove into a small creek. Fields, forest, farm animals, chickens, wild turkeys, crows, and other wildlife live here.

Over thirty years this place has nourished and inspired me. It is the source from which my work is created.

Turkeys by Nancy Darrell



The Door is Open by Nancy Darrell.


The Door is Open